Crude Oil Pipeline Soil Excavation


Soil excavation for remediation of an oil pipeline release located under land designated for  a future residential development. Excavation depths  varied across the site reaching maximum depths of 32’. Over 90,000 tons of impacted soil was direct loaded for transportation and disposal as Non-Hazardous material.  A 40’ deep beam and plate  shoring system was engineered and installed to protect existing utilities. Removal and replacement of gas,  water & sewer utilities was also required.  Certified backfill and compaction was part of the site restoration as well as construction of residential house pads that had been demolished during excavation. Maintenance of  over 1 mile of  county road that was utilized has the haul road continued throughout the project. Asphalt resurfacing was performed to close out the project site restoration.

ProjectExcavation of over 160,000 cubic yards of petroleum impacted soil
ClientPetroleum Distribution & Retail Marketing Supplier, Northern California