27 years of experience in remediating hazardous waste sites

our services

Construction & Environmental Remediation Services

Soil excavation

Excavation, segregation & stockpile management
Rough & final grading
Transportation & disposal of soil (Non-Hazardous – RCRA Hazardous)
Certified backfill and compaction
Shoring systems to handle structures, equipment and specific soil conditions

Demolition & Decommissioning

Experience with tanks, structures, slabs, vaults, treatment systems & process equipment. Development & implementation for all operations: Management of heavy equipment, falling debris -Protection of surrounding property & structures. Active safety program to manage fugitive emissions & cross contamination. Segregation of material. Material handling systems to facilitate demolition, debris movement, containerization & transportation: Shredding, conveyance & compaction equipment

Treatment system construction

Remediation of contaminated soils and ground water including: vapor extraction, groundwater extraction, dual phase extraction, air sparging and ozone injection treatment systems: Trenching & piping, Well head construction & well vault installation, Treatment pad construction & security enclosures, Equipment setting, anchoring and plumbing, and Electrical service.

Create a safe and healthful working environment

Our environmental division remains the core of our business. We have developed and maintained a work force that is truly diverse. We self perform a majority of our work including, heavy equipment operation, plumbing, electrical and masonry. Our lead field project manager possesses 35 years of experience in remediating hazardous waste sites. The average employment tenure of our field crews is over ten years.

Following is a summary of our environmental service capabilities:

Complete Remediation System Construction

  • Vapor extraction
  • Groundwater extraction
  • Dual phase extraction
  • Air sparging and ozone injection
  • SSDS

Soil Excavation

  • Tank removals
  • Shoring implementation
  • Dewatering systems
  • Site restoration


  • End dumps, bins & drums
  • Soil & water
  • Profiling and manifest generation
  • Non-Hazardous through RCRA Hazardous

Demolition & Decommissioning

  • Structures, slabs, vaults, treatment systems & process equipment
  • Segregation & compliance with recycling initiatives
  • Decontamination

Site Restoration

  • Fine grading
  • Protective covers
  • Erosion control
  • Landscaping and re-vegetation
  • Concrete & asphalt resurfacing

Health & Safety

  • Behavior Based Safety Program
  • Training that meets and often exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Metrics tracking for performance measurement
  • Near Miss reporting to identify and eliminate at risk behaviors