Former USAFB Installation, Fuel Hydrant System Closure


Work was conducted within a  restricted  FAA area with active military and commercial air operations being conducted.  The fuel system decommissioning required removal of 5 UST’s    and & associated valve boxes and fueling hydrants. Exploratory trenching  to locate and  expose the 4” – 12” steel  product line piping network  proceeding the excavation/trenching operations to remove the pipe. The pipe was exposed, tested for content and subsequently triple rinsed, removed and and disposed. Over  3,000’ of fuel system piping was removed. Lines that were inaccessible were cleaned and pressure grouted in place.

Disposal of Non-Hazardous soil and Hazardous materials encountered during system removal operations was profiled and transported to the appropriate licensed facility for disposal. Certified backfill and compaction was performed for all of the trenches and UST excavations.  Asphalt & concrete resurfacing of tarmac, access drives and parking areas completed the site restoration. 

ProjectDecommissioning of a US AFB subsurface jet fueling system
ClientUnited Stated Air Force Base, Southern California