Pharmaceutical Supplier – Roseville, CA


Greenfield mechanical installation for pharmaceutical device supplier   

System components:

  • Multiple sorters (pop-up wheel)
  • Multiple merges (opportunity and 2:1)
  • Extensive, multi-level pick module conveyors
  • (3) print and apply lines with accumulation
  • (4) ship lanes
  • Powered spiral declines to transition between levels
  • Trash line with multiple transitions and merges
  • Extensive racking integrated with conveyor
  • Multiple mezzanines
  • Ceiling supports with header steel
  • Technology utilized


  • Belt over roller
  • Line shaft and line shaft accumulation
  • MDR and MDR accumulation
  • Pop up wheel divert sorter


CIAI utilized a crew of 14 and a schedule of 6 months to deliver project on budget and on schedule.   The success of this project resulted in the award of numerous additional projects with McKesson that were successfully executed.